Sight Into Sound Million Dollar Shootout

October 22, 2020


Sight into Sound is a 51 year old Houston nonprofit serving those who rely on us to "be their eyes" to record written materials or describe live performances. Access to our services is of paramount importance to our listeners and they tell us that it positively impacts their lives.

Sight into Sound is a much needed and unique service.The daily impact on our listening audience goes beyond simple print, radio and reading services - much of what we do involves personal relationships and friendships among our listeners and volunteers. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, our programs continue to be free of charge.

History of Sight into Sound

Sight into Sound, originally Taping for the Blind was founded when Mr. Robert Levy encouraged the Library of Congress to greatly broaden its catalog of "Talking Books" specifically created for the blind and print - handicapped. His efforts were rewarded in 1967, when the Library of Congress accepted his proposal to organize a group of volunteers to read books aloud and to be recorded. In response to community need, the radio broadcasting was launched in the late 70's. Descriptive services were added in 1992.

If you cannot attend, please conside a tax-deductible donation to Sight into Sound. Thanks for your support!