Event proceeds support Sierra College Athletics and its incredible student athletes...




About Sierra College Athletics

Sierra College teams and athletes have, in this century, enjoyed unequaled success on the playing field and in the classroom. Our 18 intercollegiate programs—from baseball to water polo, from basketball to wrestling—don't just play, they play for championships!

In 2003-2004, Sierra College won the inaugural NATYCAA Cup for national athletic excellence and has been in the top schools ever since. Go Wolverines!

Program Student Learning Outcomes (PSLOs)

  • Identify and practice high safety standards, support environmental needs, and provide a safe positive experience for other participants (students, student athletes, visiting athletes, community, and faculty).
  • Demonstrate a measurable improvement in one or more fitness or sport specific components.
  • Demonstrate essential motor skills to fit a variety of activities. Student will be able to describe and perform activities reflecting increased knowledge and ability over the semester.
  • Develop personal responsibility and the importance of different leadership roles.
  • Distinguish principles of healthy weight management through exercise and nutrition. 
  • Create a balance between physical fitness, social well-being, health, and academic success.



If you cannot attend, please consider a tax-deductible donation to Sierra College Foundation. Your support is appreciated!