Event Day Contests

2020 IAP United Way Golf Classic

Contest Form

This is the official 2020 IAP United Way Golf Contest Form.  The rules and outcomes are at the discretion of the tournament IAP United Way committee and the volunteers running the contest.  Only golfers purchasing the package are eligible; golf professionals are not eligible.

Hole in One

There will be a cash prize of $5,000 for a Hole in One on #7.  There will also be ancillary prizes (such as Callaway Irons, a 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, or a $500 Visa Gift Card) for a hole in one on #4, #12 and #14.

Longest Drive

Whichever golfer has the longest drive on hole #4 (male and female) wins prize.

Closest to the Pin

Whichever golfer is closest to the pin on hole #12 (male and female) wins prize.


A mulligan is an extra shot that can be used in place of the original shot.  The mulligan can be used only once by the golfer during the round.  It can be used anywhere in the field of play except on the green. A mulligan may not be used on the contest holes (longest drive, closest to the pin).

Putting Contest

Three balls, as supplied by the tournament. Each participant will putt from a specific spot on the green. Making one of three putts will qualify you to the next round. All participants qualifying for the second round will putt from a designated location, each person that makes a putt with one ball will advance, if no putts are made in the second round, closest to the hole will win the putting contest. 


Purchase tickets, 1 ticket $1.00 / 7 tickets $5.00 / 15 tickets $10.00 to win 50% of the total amount collected (50% will go to United Way).  Must be present to win.

Raffle Tickets

Tickets available for purchase in Bundle package or separately.  Must be present to win.


Contests Sample Forms

Putting Contest

The contest form is presented to the contest volunteer in order to enter.  The Putting Contest Rules are posted at the contest site.  Three balls, as supplied by the tournament, are used in the first two stations with the object to sink at least one putt in a single stroke.  Any golfer making at least one of the three putts in each of the first two stations will be eligible for a single putt on the third station which will be measured and recorded.

            FIRST STATION:   Putt made:    Yes _____    No _____

            SECOND STATION:   Putt made:    Yes _____    No _____

            THIRD STATION:     Distance from Hole:  _____

Player’s Name:  ________________________________________________________


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