Player Packages
Name Quantity Cost Payment Type Number of Golfers Description
Foursome $400.00 4 Includes four golfers
Foursome with Competition Packages $480.00 4 Includes 4 golfers, plus prepays for the Competition Package for Putting Contest, Longest Drive, and mulligans ($20 per golfer)
Sponsor Foursome $550.00 4 Sponsors sign your foursome up today. Includes a foursome of golfers PLUS a discounted Hole Sponsorship with your company's logo!
Individual golfer $100.00 1
Sponsor packages
Name Quantity Cost Payment Type Number of Golfers Description
Leaderboard Minor Sponsor $500.00
Leaderboard Sponsor $5,000.00 8 - Sponsor logo in first position of PGA Style Electronic Leaderboard as the Leaderboard Sponsor
- Sponsor logo in full color on LED display screen displayed during entire tournament
- All team photos taken in front of leaderboard with player names in lights and sponsor's logo prominently displayed. All photos digitally distributed and sharable via social media extending sponsor visibility even further.
Major Prize Sponsor $3,000.00 4 - Major prize sponsor will have company logo prominently displayed on the Major Prize given to each paying golfer
- Additionally, logo will be displayed on the Leaderboard
- Include one foursome to participate in tournament
Pin Flag Sponsor $2,500.00 - Custom full color pin flags with tubes to fit onto any golf course pin.
- Flag has sponsor logo and tournament logo on flag.
- Flags are put on pins prior to tournament and taken down following tournament.
Cart Path Sponsor $2,000.00 - Size of cart path stamps: 4’ wide x 2’ high
- Full color concrete decals are adhered directly to cart path. Golf carts go over cart path stamps during tournament and decals are easily removed following tournament. One time use only.
- Each cart path stamp can be custom designed so your sponsor can tell their story throughout the entire tournament.
- Cart path stamps are randomly placed throughout front nine and back nine to maximize exposure during entire tournament.
Beverage Cart Sponsor $1,250.00 - Beverage cart sign adheres to front of beverage cart windshield so approaching golfers will see sponsor logo in full color throughout entire tournament.
- Sponsor the opportunity to ride with the beverage cart attendant and assist with serving golfers during tournament.
Hole Sponsor $200.00 - Full color 18” x 32” inch chloroplast sign with metal wire inside sign (no assemble needed).
- Custom designed sign to match your tournament organization brand.
- All sponsor logos printed in high resolution eps format.
- A-Frame designs creates a clean presentation that do not easily blow over on windy days.

If you cannot attend our event, please consider a tax-deductible donation to our organization. Your support is appreciated.