The Special Forces Association has the honor of being the world's largest special operations association.

Members are active duty soldiers of the United States Army Special Forces, the Army National Guard Special Forces, retired members and veterans (former members) of the U.S. Special Forces.

Chapter 88 serves as the local voice for the SFA, and promotes the general welfare of the Special Forces community. The Chapter is involved in community events and works to promote veterans issues.





How the Association Supports the Community

  • JROTC Programs across the five counties of NE Florida. Currently we support 24 High Schools recognizing the outstanding graduate and provide four scholarships of $500.oo each.  We would very much like to add more scholarships and increase the value of these scholarships and with more donations and support from the community we will be able to do so


  • The Warrior Fund for the 3/20th SFG headquartered at Cecil Field, FL.  Special Forces warriors are the tip of the spear in our continuing battle for our nation’s safety and freedom in America While these men are members of the Florida National Guard they have been deployed on an nearly continuous basis for well over the past decade in areas ranging from Iraq, Afghanistan, Central and South America and most recently chasing Terrorists across North Africa.  Their missions often require rapid and discrete responses to unique situations. Their deployment often takes place at short notice. The family has no idea or the timeline of the mission, It’s important that these soldiers remain in the service of our country.  Often times when these soldiers deploy they are short of funds, a Sgt. E-6 and those of lower rank, as well as some 2nd Lieutenants,  with a family of 4 can often earn less than the poverty level.  This creates undue hardship on the families and creates great stress on the soldiers who worry about their families while they are deployed. When they deploy our Association is here to assist them and their families 


  • Local Victims of Human Trafficking – Chapter 88 partners with three NE FL organizations which provide shelter, food. and clothing for rescued victims.  Each of these organizations is operated by women and has Safe Houses where Human Trafficking victims can be safely housed and cared for until they have learned the life skills necessary to reenter society.  Many times these victims are very young and have been used has human slaves, prostitutes and worse.  They have no sense of self-decision making, no sense of self-worth and minimal life skills.  At one time they may have had these skills but over time they were taken away by brow beating, demonizing and other techniques.  Our partners search for these victims along our highways, in Strip Joints, Massage Parlors and other places where they are known to be employed.  Once identified they covertly work with them to get them out of the environment and to the Safe House where they can be taught how to find an new life on their own.  We have recently been asked to provide security for some of these operations as well as our traditional efforts of providing help in the construction and upgrading of the Safe Houses, providing of “Get Away Bags” and items needed while in the Safe House.

If you cannot attend, please consider a tax-deductible donation to the Special Forces Association NE FL