3rd Annual Rally 4 Reilly Charity Golf Tournament 9-11

3rd Annual Rally4Reilly Charity Golf Tournament 

It's that time of year again! We are having our Annual Rally4Reilly Charity Golf Tournament on 9-11-19. We are combining our Love and Appreciation for Reilly & his family as well as all First Responders and Military Service Members of this Great Nation!

Please join in our Tournament by Remembering 9-11. None of us will ever forget this day in History. It affected our Nation & the World. Help us make it known how much we Value & Appreciate Everyone of our First Responders & Military Service Members and their Sacrifices. These Men & Women put their lives in harms way Everyday so we may enjoy our lives & freedom Everyday.

Reilly continues to make small improvements and is still that Happy kid who makes us all smile. He is still vent dependent at this time. He is attending School a couple of days per week and is accompanied by his Nurse. Kyle & Tammy anxiously await the outcome of Reilly's Spinal Surgery last year in Boston. These Surgeries take time to see what results  there may be & level of success. We all continue to pray for a Miracle or Medical Breakthrough that would allow Reilly to walk & breath on his own again. In the mean time we continue to pray for & support them. As mentioned last year, in order to Continue Sustainability for Rally4Reilly, we must grow our footprint. By doing this, it will allow us to Help so many Families. We have been working on this and have been gaining traction in the Spinal Cord Injury Community. We are gaining knowledge and exposure with R4R. Our Vision and Goal is to Always keep Reilly at the forefront of this cause while reaching other children & their families and doing good things for them as well. Reilly is our Ambassador for this Cause and the reason we are doing what we do. We are starting Our Journey in finding Corporations,Companies & Individuals that want to share our vision in helping kids and become a Renewable Partner with R4R .Please visit our  website for more information. Rally4Reilly Organization is a Living, Breathing Cause and some things will change from time to time. We are grateful to those who stand by us & help R4R along the way. We always are in need of help in so many ways. I hope everyone has a great time at this years event and please join us in praying & giving thanks to all of the First Responders, Military Service Men and Women and all branches of our Nations Defenders of Freedom who are currently serving, have served and those fallen Brother & Sisters on this day and everyday! 

Get Your Golf On !

Mark Daggett

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If you are un able to attend our event please consider a tax deductible donation to our organization. "Thank you for your support"