Zuma's Rescue Ranch

Partnership Based Equine Education

We Change the Lives of Horses and Humans

Homeless animals are vulnerable; we take them in and rehabilitate them. Humans find themselves facing emotional difficulties; we partner them with the horses. In the end, both find solace.


Through compassion based education and animal rescue, we are changing the perception of how horses are trained and animals are treated. Our Animal-Assisted learning programs are partnership based, where the animals and humans meet in an equal partnership.


Saved the lives of thousands of horses and farm animals

Global Federation of Animals Sanctuaries Accreditation

Serve as an advisory member for the Homes for Horses Coalition 2010-2017

Platinum level in GuideStar non-profit membership

Every Day Hero Award

Assist on many large-scale equine rescue operations with HSUS, Return to Freedom, ASPCA, Habitat for Horses, and more

Provide mental health services for Denver Children’s Home, Tennyson Center for Children, Mount St. Vincent Home, Jefferson Hills Center, and more

We are now home to Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure and Massage


Zuma's is a Colorado 501(c)(3)  - your participation is TAX DEDUCTABLE!!

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