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Image result for operation renewed hope foundationORHF Makes a Difference

Each year, ORHF helps Veterans and their families in the greater Washington DC area who are experiencing homelessness. Every client is literally homeless (living in shelter, car, on the street) and we are working to clear the barriers to getting them into homes. We do this by paying for application fees and security deposits, covering transportation to look at apartments, and helping out with utility bills. We want our Veterans and their families to be at a place where they can rebuild their lives and where their children can have the stability they need before the school year begins. Together we can end Veteran homelessness in the DC metropolitan region.

Please visit our website at www.operationrenewedhopefoundation.org

If you can not attend our event, please consider a tax-deductible donation to Operation Renewed Hope Foundation. Your support is both needed and appreciated.