ECF is a Las Vegas-based, non-profit organization committed to making a positive difference in the community and enriching the lives of deserving local students by providing mentorship and educational support as they pursue a career in the field of hospitality.  There is a lack of qualified, educated candidates for mid-level management positions in Las Vegas’ hospitality industry. Some attribute this to the transient nature of the population, while others attribute it to the lure of the immediate pay for housekeeping, valet, or food service jobs on the strip.

Many low-income students have simply given up on education because they know they do not have the financial or emotional wherewithal to make it through higher education. For those at-risk young adults, the obstacles to achieving their dreams seem to increase every year. Tuition rates increase at about twice the general inflation rate. The average cost of college textbooks is nearly $1,400 annually. The skyrocketing costs of a higher education present a major barrier to the future of our young people.  ECF’s Future Leaders of Hospitality Program addresses these issues by making a college education accessible to low-income, young adults, while also helping mold their skill sets to create a highly qualified, local workforce that support Las Vegas’ primary industry.

If you cannot attend our event, please consider a tax-deductible donation to our organization. Your support is greatly appreciated!