About NAFA Foundation

The NAFA Foundation, a  501(c)(3) and 509(a) not-for-profit charitable organization formed in 1976 to promote encourage, support, and assist the fleet industry support the fleet industry, drives the advancement of the profession through the promotion and encouragement of education and research projects.  It also makes grants and gifts to aid in and support persons, institutions, and organizations in the development, maintenance, and expansion of educational programs related to the management of motor vehicle fleets.

Mission Statement:

Strategically advance the vehicle fleet/mobility management profession through research, education, partnerships, and scholarships related to innovative and emerging transportation business practices and workforce development trends. 


Strategic Objectives:

  • Identify, Research and Benchmark Innovative and Emerging Transportation Business Practices.
  • Identify and Address current and future workforce challenges, including training, motivating, skill sets and generational differences.
  • Sponsor educational sessions related to emerging business practices and workforce trends.
  • Foster partnerships with other entities to advance the NAFA Foundation mission.
  • Provide scholarships consistent with the NAFA Foundation mission.

 Research Initiatives

  • Creating a More Productive Relationship Between Procurement and Fleet - This issue definition paper explores what this evolution entails, how to speak the same language, observations from fleet professionals, the “eight dimensions of fleet” and how fleet and procurement can build a solid foundation together.
  • Mobility Revolution White Paper - Releasing September 27, 2018

  How to Become Involved

The Foundation welcomes project suggestions and financial support for its activities.  All projects are administered and directed by the Board to ensure integrity and unbiased results.  To get involved contact Phil Russo prusso@nafa.org.