Please join us for the Wamego Area Youth Golf Tournament on Saturday August 18th, 2018.

We will have a great night of golf to support the Wamego Area Youth Golf Foundation. This will be a nine hole night golf tournament with lighted balls and all the accessories to make for a fun and exciting tournament. All funds raised for this tournament will benefit the Wamego Area Youth Golf for K-12 school physical education classes in Wamego, summer golf programs and the Wamego High School Golf Team. The foundation is committed to providing golf to all levels and ages of youth in the Wamego area and offer the financial support to grow the boy’s and girl’s high school golf programs. Our event will feature a golf scramble and many other activities including a putting contest and driving range contest.  

By being involved in this event you will be developing golfing skills for the youth in Wamego and the surrounding communities. Golf is a life-long skill that can be utilized from all ages young and through adulthood. Our area golf program’s success depends on you, your support and sponsorship.