Reilly's Story

On a beautiful Saturday in May, things are bustling in the household. Reilly is making silly faces while mommy wipes his green crayon suns off the walls. After his favorite lunch of hot dogs and pickles, it's off to the store to buy a gift for an upcoming birthday party. It would be a trip that would change their lives forever.

In an instant, Reilly suffered a severe spinal cord injury, unimaginably rendering him unable to move below his shoulders. He has currently gone from five weeks in the pediatrics ICU to the pulmonary ward to undergo extensive testing and rehabilitation. Reilly is on a respirator, as his diaphragm will not function on its own. He is just starting to speak softly again. He can't hug his mom, dad, and fox baby or play with his monster trucks and excavators. He recently celebrated his second birthday in the hospital.

It is often said that life can change in the blink of an eye. For Reilly and his parents, it certainly has. Although doctors are hopeful, little is known about how to help Reilly in his recovery. He and his family face uncertain times ahead of them. What we do know is that the family will be facing insurmountable bills and possible home modifications pending the degree of success with Reilly's rehabilitation.

It is for this reason that the construction and landscaping communities as well as other friends have come together to create this go-fund me page and charity golf tournament. At this time of heartache and distress, we pray for Reilly's full recovery and come together to support the family. We pray that Reilly will one day be able to play with his toys and fulfill his dream of being a monster truck driver and we hope your generous donations will assist the family in the days ahead.

Reilly with his parents

Thank you for your prayers and donations. Endless gratitude goes out to all those who have selflessly given to Reilly's cause.

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